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  • Si tu continues tu seras comme John Winning
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il y a 12 ans 2 mois #57781 par pchanez
Lu sur SA a été créé par pchanez
rumeurs rumeurs ... on voit que la cup se rapproche

Coming, Mr. Coutts?

Four years ago today the Challenger won. Consequently the Cup circus now finds itself in Valencia “Sewer City” Spain.
For 132 years was the NYYC winning streak, the longest in sport history. Since it was broken in 1983, that transcendental occasion many consider the start of the Cup's "modern” era, the account of Challenger-Defender is tied at 3-3:

1987 - Challenger SDYC
1988 - Defender SDYC
1992 - Defender SDYC
1995 - Challenger RNZYS
2000 - Defender RNZYS
2003 - Challenger SNG

The Royal Perth Yacht Squadron never defended successfully the Cup, although they ignited one hell a good event. The other winners defended successfully at least once.

Therefore, on paper the SNG should be successful in first defense 2007. After all, SNG/Alinghi modified the rule of the class to satisfy their existing yachts, chose the venue, control the organization committee with two former Alinghi marketing tools, had first option for locating their team base, raised the biggest budget of any team, and, with one glaring exception, kept all their top people while adding new veteran blood.

It then must be very difficult that any Challenger lifts the Cup from the Defender, especially on the first time.

But! How many teams have won the Cup when playing musical chairs with their afterguard? Zero, zilch, nada de nada.

Everyone knows the Swiss love of skiing, so as smart as Alinghi is, why are they slaloming down this same slippery slope? When Baird won the recently concluded "Dubai Defendor Trials" the brass of Alinghi surprised even its own swabbies by announcing “it was too close to call” and more trials would eventuate in Valencia.

One wag with a top Challenger said, “Alinghi will keep trialling until they obtain the desired result.”

Alinghi-ites returning to Valencia from dusty Dubai (returning dusty from Dubai?) are wagging openly their tongues of the absence of love between Baird and Holmberg.

Holmberg is said to be favored son of Mr. Bertarelli. But, as here predicted in SA a month ago, adding Peter “Coach” Gilmour to the inflammable mixture would cause (with apologies for mixing metaphors) the excrement to hit the ventilator. In fact, SA has learned that the pooh pie did fly in Dubai at the end of the Defender Trials when there was a bow-sprit-breaking smash up between the toreadors dancing around that single seat.

Are Gilly's aging elbows still sharp enough for him to elbow his way to the wheel? To remember, if that comes to pass you heard it first here on SA.

What of RC? So far each time Mr. Ernesto has come with hat (and checkbook) in hand, Mr Coutts has just laughed and said "good luck." So why are Bertarelli and Butterworth in Miami next week racing Farr 40s instead of concentrating on the very pressing business at hand in Valencia? Well, just ask yourselves where Mr Coutts will also be next week.

Then do the math. As every Anarchist knows, 1 + 1 = 3 million.

Le jour ou l'homme a decouvert le lait, que cherchait-il exactement a faire a la vache ?

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il y a 12 ans 2 mois #57787 par Fréd
Réponse de Fréd sur le sujet Lu sur SA
J'aime bien la conclusion... très AC ! :P ::)


Le nouveau Croc' est arrivé, vraiment heureux de retrouver tout le monde sur l'eau !

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